Talent Tale was present at the European Congress of Psychology in Brighton, UK, July 3-6

Dr Céline JOUFFRAY presented our vision of transformational leadership in modern organisations. This exchange was an opportunity to share the theoretical models and pragmatic approach that have inspired the development of our Serious Game Horizon, an assessment solution that measures a talent’s potential to lead transformations.

At a time when we hear a lot about uncertainty, change and complexity, Talent Tale’s contribution has been to redefine the notion of transformation in the VUCA environment, which is the context in which companies operate today.

Identifying transformational potential makes it possible to predict the ability of a talent – a member of the executive committee, a company founder, a project manager – not only to deploy change, but above all to create it, based on four pillars: developing vision, cultivating uncertainty, developing confidence in oneself and others, and cultivating benevolence.